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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3/4ths of a day.

...because here on the west coast, my day is far from over, and yet anything remotely worth photographing and documenting has already happened.  The rest of my day will be filled with what I like to call the home stretch at work (the last 2 hours always seem to last forever), attempting a new dinner idea (I'll post the "recipe" if it actually works), getting in my squats/planking/leg lunges (more on that later) and watching reruns of Full House until I fall asleep (don't judge).

Admiring my gerber daisies I bought yesterday because the florist ran out of lilacs.  Bummer.
 I aim to wake up every morning somewhere between 7 and 7:30.  I've been using this nifty app called Sleep Cycle, which allows you to set a time frame that you wish to wake up in.  After it figures out how you move in your sleep the first few nights, it then figures out when you are in the least deep sleep in that time frame, and slowly wakes you up with sounds or music you pick.  It also allows you to set notes of things you did that day, like eating late, being sick, or having a few too many glasses of wine.  You can then track what things have positive and negative affects on your sleep.  (For whatever reason, I sleep terribly on Sunday nights, when I've spent the day at the beach, and when I eat after 8 pm.)

My makeup case takes over my bathroom counter.  Its like makeup vomit.
 I absolutely have to get dressed first thing in the morning.  Even though I work from home most of the time, I can't stay in my pjs all day.  I'd fall back to sleep if I did.  Getting dressed at least makes me feel like I've sort of started my day.  I don't trust doing my makeup until I've at least had my first cup of coffee.

I have drank coffee every day in that Wonder Woman mug since 2010.  I'm not kidding.
This is generally what my day consists of.  Computer, coffee, phone, repeat.

Making grocery lists is SO much easier when you have a cute chevron striped pen from Target.
New meaning to the term "liquid lunch."  I'm becoming addicted to this smoothie.
I typically eat lunch at home since, well, I'm at home and I can and its less expensive.  I'm trying to eat healthier or at least be more aware of what I'm eating and how often, so today I opted for a OMGSODELICIOUS Naked smoothie for lunch.  Have you tried this one? It tastes like a pina colada.  Its amazeballs.

Oh, Beverly Hills.  How I loathe thee.
I had to run an errand in Beverly Hills this afternoon.  (I know, there are worst things, right?)  But I truly do not like Beverly Hills.  It is one of the few places in LA that you can not get in and out of easy.  There's always traffic and the streets are confusing.

So many pens, so hard to choose.
My last stop of the day was Staples, where I always get distracted by everything else except what I actually came in for.  I've always loved office supplies, and I am very thankful that Staples has kept their offerings pretty straight and narrow, because if they started selling things in stripes or covered in glitter, I'd have a problem.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That app sounds really neat! I am going to go check it out! and I too LOVE office supplies! Love them!

    1. It is really great. I've used it since January, and have learned so much about my sleep patterns - not that that's changed any of my behaviors, but its still nice to know I can blame a poor night's sleep on SOMETHING. :) Office supplies can be such trouble. I'm glad I'm not alone!