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Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday! (And favorite photo.)

I'm not really a fan of how I look in all most pictures, so I had to do some digging to find one I would consider a favorite.  My worst are candid photos.  If I'm listening to someone talk, focusing on something, talking myself, whatever - my face looks awful.  Someone once told me that they had seen me at a bar with a few friends and wanted to come up and say hi, but that I looked really angry.  Apparently, when I am not actively aware that I am smiling, I just look mad, even when I could be spacing out or totally fine.  (I'm working on that, trust me.)

This photo was taken at my favorite hometown bar, on trivia night, in 2010.  It was a few days before I left to move to LA (the first time) and I was spending time with my parents (briefly) and friends.  I love this photo 'cause I have a great tan, I'm only wearing mascara (oh, those were the days) and I loved how much the sun had bleached out my hair.  It's crazy to think that this was only 3 years ago - my hair is so long now in comparison - and I think I donated that shirt.  3 years doesn't seem like a whole lot of time but sometimes it feels that way!

Before I bow out for the weekend, here are some of my favorite things from the week:

This article about visiting Disney as an adult without kids.  I have this discussion with a lot of people who think I'm crazy, but apparently I'm of the "majority" in the world, as an adult, who doesn't have children, who loves Disney.  Despite the author's apprehension, she does seem to finally give in to the magic.

Reading my Twitter page in "gangsta slang" thanks to Gizoogle.  Type your Twitter handle (with the @ symbol) in search and see for yourself.  My personal favorite was the following: "I'm glad da most thugged-out hard as f@#! decision I gotta make todizzle is which book ta start reading.

The best part of the series finale of The Office.  (Spoilers if you haven't watched!)

Bill Hader is leaving SNL, and that means Stefon is also leaving SNL.  Here are the top 5 Stefon moments.  I seriously can not watch a single Stefon sketch without crying from laughter.

This coffee mug which is oh. so. true.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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